her body as words


Developed by choreographer Peggy Baker and filmmaker Jeremy Mimnagh, her body as words is composed of a seamless series of short films that fragment and explode notions of female identity as expressed by 9 Canadian dance artists embodying their lived identities.

This event includes a film screening of her body as words and a live talkback with choreographer Peggy Baker.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has been postponed indefinitely. Thank you for your understanding.

Gestures of particularity. Of female identity. Specific. Linguistic. Urgent articulations and expressions bursting forth. Present. Exposed. Beings in full.


her body as words (2021) is a choreographic work that fragments and explodes notions of female identity as expressed by nine Canadian dance artists. Provoked by the 2009 translation of Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex, director Peggy Baker entered into a deeply personal and collaborative process with the performers. Dancing the complexities of their lived identities, these artists offer gestural renderings touching on themes of race, gender expression, sexual orientation, sexual appetite, pregnancy, miscarriage, motherhood, disability, physical labor, and aging. her body as words was filmed by Jeremy Mimnagh and features sound design by Debashis Sinha.


Peggy Baker Dance Projects is dedicated to offering experiences of significance, personal connection, and transformative potential to our audience through the power and beauty of the art of dance. Established in Toronto, Canada in 1990, Peggy Baker Dance Projects is a charitable non-profit organization led by one of Canada’s foremost contemporary dance artists – Peggy Baker. Distinguished from the outset by collaborations with extraordinary creators and performers, the company has built an exceptional body of work and a growing slate of education, engagement, and enrichment programs for all ages and abilities. Peggy Baker Dance Projects began as a vehicle for solo dance expression; the company’s work evolved to encompasses solo and ensemble dance repertoire, performed to both live and electro-acoustic music, and features a company of outstanding dancers. Peggy Baker Dance Projects will be winding down in 2023.

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