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Dusk Dances Hamilton 2014 Photo Alyssa Lai_Twitter


Photo by Alyssa Lai / Twitter


Vitek Wincza excitement about dance, especially performances like Dusk Dances, is contagious.

“Dusk Dances is a celebration of dance,” says Vitek, creator of Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts (HCA) Dance Theatre. “People can be sometimes afraid to dance, but we all have a feel for dance and movement, its part of our existence.”

One of HCA Dance Theatre’s goals is to make dance more visible and accessible to the people of Hamilton and Dusk Dances is one way to accomplish this goal, says Vitek.

Dusk Dances was performed in Hamilton for the first time last year. The event ran for three nights as the sun started to set on Bayfront Park. Attendees were lead around the park, by the host, to experience several contemporary dance performances. The event made use of the natural features and landscape of the park. For those we arrived early, they could participate in a dance workshop and listen to live music.

Vitek heard about Dusk Dances when a friend invited to see a performance in Toronto. “I was impressed by the show and wanted to bring it to Hamilton.”

The first Dusk Dances was performed in 1993 at Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto as part of the Fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists. Dancer and choreographer, Sylvie Bouchard created Dusk Dances. Her vision was to bring contemporary and traditional dance to public spaces. The event has run annually since 1997 and performed in communities across Ontario and in Vancouver.

The feedback HCA Dance Theatre and Dusk Dances received from last year’s event was inspirational, says Vitek. Attendees said the performances fit perfectly with nature. It attracted people interested in dance, but also people who enjoyed spending time at Bayfront Park, he adds.

Dusk Dances Hamilton continues to build on last year’s success, says Vitek. Dance workshops will be offered before the shows once again. Maderaz, the opening band, uses many Latin American music styles, including Brazilian rhythms in its music. Dusk Dances will be the first time they perform in Hamilton, says Vitek.

The arts are gaining importance in Hamilton and this is one of HCA Dance Theatre’s contributions to that artist landscape, says Vitek.

HCA Dance Theatre wants to thank the City of Hamilton, Ontario Arts Council, our sponsors and all the people who have supported us over the years.

“I encourage everybody to come to Dusk Dances and celebrate dance; celebrate Hamilton,” says Vitek.


Blog post by Amy Reusch.