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On June 8, 2018 HCA Dance Theatre will bring together Hamilton’s arts community to explore how to grow a thriving dance industry and celebrate dance, as part of Hamilton Arts Week. HCA Dance Theatre’s mission is to make Hamilton’s dance arts visible and accessible. “What better time to do this as a community, than during Arts Week?”, says Artistic Director Vitek Wincza.  “We’re envisioning a Dance Day, with multiple events that explore, engage and celebrate.”

The event series will begin with a symposium intended to ignite engagement from the key stakeholders and participants in the Hamilton dance landscape to engage and explore ways to build by working together.

It is difficult in the current climate for individual dance companies to thrive with limited funding, access to spaces and sponsorship revenues. HCA Dance Theatre – recently appointed as charitable organization –  has created a subcommittee, in partnership with the Hamilton Arts Council to address these issues by hosting a symposium. Together in Dance intends to navigate the difficult process by bringing together the local dance community, funders, city representatives, local businesses and community organizers to engage, collaborate and explore the potential for growth.

We believe this working dialogue can address the current void in the dance landscape and make a significant difference in the artistic environment of Hamilton. Choreographers, dancers, directors, producers, teachers, educators, funders, businesses, political stakeholders and builders of dance engagement will connect to make Hamilton’s dance arts visible and accessible, for the benefit of all.

After the symposium, attendees are invited to join the panellists (Myles Warren, Ontario Arts Council; David Barnard, Department of Canadian Heritage; Anna Bradford, City of Hamilton ; Annette Paiement, Hamilton Arts Council; and Learie McNicolls, Dance Artist) at a networking and refuelling sessions before heading to the Together in Dance Showcase, as part of Hamilton Arts Week’s Arts Crawl. This will be a showcase of local Hamilton dance artists that takes dance to the audiences in environments outside of theatres. This connects dancers and dance companies with new audience and community spaces.

To close, all are invited to dance together in a concluding dance party.

Find out more: http://hcadancetheatre.com/together-in-dance/

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