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HCA Dance Theatre was founded in partnership with the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts (HCA) in 2001 as an incorporated non-profit organization. HCA Dance Theatre’s Mission is to make the art of dance visible and accessible by engaging with the community and acting as a resource and incubator for artists. HCADT aims to develop awareness, accessibility and audiences for the art of dance. This is achieved by:

  • Engaging Hamiltonians in dance as participants or audience members
  • Offering dance workshops to adults and children
  • Being a resource for professional development to local dance artists
  • Commissioning and presenting professional dance.



HCA Dance Theatre’s Mission is to make the art of dance visible, accessible and inclusive for all. 


We aim to be an incubator of artistic excellence through collaboration with artists of all genres, as a presenter of dance and providing performance and educational opportunities. 

Our Values:

Inclusivity – We aim to foster an environment of compassion and belonging within our spaces through celebrating and respecting the cultural landscape of our local community and the artists that flourish within it.

Accessibility – We believe access to participation in the arts is a right not a privilege. Our goal is to remove barriers and provide affordable opportunities for all members of the community to experience dance. 

Excellence – We are committed to producing high-quality performances, festivals and events with a focus on artistic integrity and innovation. (and other opportunities)

Collaboration – We are committed to collaborating with local artists and organizations, educational institutions, community agencies, and municipal, provincial and federal funders to achieve our mission. 

Visibility – As a leader in dance, the HCA Dance Theatre ensures dance remains visible as an interactive learning experience in our community.